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Case Study

Establishing 3M as the bloodstream infection thought leader

3M Vascular

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Raising awareness of bloodstream infections

Central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) are some of the deadliest and costliest hospital-acquired infections – yet rarely talked about in the press. 3M set out to raise awareness of this critical issue and educate health systems on how to combat these costly infections.

Garnering coverage despite a dry trade publication news cycle

To expand 3M’s market pervasiveness and secure coverage on a continuous basis, we focused on building relationships with key editors to tell 3M’s story in new and creative ways. We facilitated two editor interviews at the main industry tradeshow and hosted an exclusive Global I.V. Leadership Summit. These events helped us foster editor relationships and educate them on common CLABSI prevention hurdles. In addition, we leveraged the Tegaderm™ brand’s 35th anniversary to share a tribute to nurses that inspired the original product and its ongoing evolution.

Exceeding coverage expectations

Through these strategies, and persistent outreach, our trade coverage exceeded our goal of 28 pieces of coverage, landing at 34 and spanning 19 unique publications. We totaled more than 4 million impressions, making PR the strongest impressions generator of all of marketing tactics used, with over 34 percent of the share. We amplified our strongest earned media content via LinkedIn, resulting in 9K clicks and over 1M impressions, exceeding LinkedIn CTR benchmarks by 168 percent.

Case Study Testimonials

  • You’re getting us thinking about stuff in a way no other marketing partner has done.

    3M Global Marcom Manager

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