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Collage of articles and Instagram posts on chest numbness following mastectomy
Case Study

Helping breast cancer survivors feel whole again through influencer relations

Axogen influencer case study

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Sensation loss from nerve damage is misunderstood

While chest numbness is common after a mastectomy, it is something most people aren’t aware of or don’t fully understand before surgery. Understanding the likelihood of chest numbness, how it can affect the quality of life, and that nerve repair surgery is a promising solution has the potential to help more than 100,000 breast cancer survivors feel more like themselves, each year. Axogen, a leader in surgical solutions for peripheral nerve repair, hired Inprela to increase awareness of this pervasive issue and their Resensation surgical technique that restores sensation.

Engage influential clinical psychologists to draw attention to the impact of chest numbness on breast cancer survivors’ quality of life

Inprela engaged clinical psychologists to tell the “quality of life” impact story to reach as many patients and key referral clinicians as possible—with a limited budget and in a short timeframe. We leveraged channels with strong syndication power, and outlets with a large mainstream consumer audience, including bylines authored by and quotes from the influencers. Axogen leveraged influencer engagement and media coverage to feed the Resensation campaign across its other marketing channels, as well.

Amplifying a new clinical leadership voice to raise awareness of nerve repair

The influencers shared campaign content across their social media channels, generating over 197,000 impressions. And we did not have to pay them—they were genuinely invested in our client’s mission and helping breast cancer survivors feel whole again.

“It truly does feel so good to be part of the project that sheds light on an extremely important issue—and one that has the power to change women’s lives for the better,” said Dr. Carla Manly, clinical psychologist, author and one of the influencers we worked with.

Many people are not prepared for the impact.

Inprela also secured nine published pieces and 1,001 amplified placements for a total of 382M impressions. The mat release garnered 3,897 engaged views—779% above the benchmark—and earned 7,706 clicks—220% above the benchmark.

Case Study Testimonials

  • Inprela isn’t your everyday PR agency. Deep expertise, strategic leadership, and creativity are at the core of what they do, providing the foundation for much-needed innovation in therapy awareness.

    Emily Hansen

    Senior Director, Market Development for Expansion Markets at Axogen

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