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Case Study

Establishing a startup as a viable alternative to traditional health insurance


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A startup with a dream

In June 2018, Bind On-Demand Health Insurance was a small, but disruptive startup with one customer, 50 employees and no marketing department. Bind had just raised $70M in seed funding for expansion plans, but was largely unknown among the healthcare media and employers. With the goal to secure 100,000 members by June 2019, Bind needed an aggressive brand awareness strategy to reach the market from all angles, including the C-suite, HR leaders and consumers.

Building trust through the national, elite media

We started with an in-depth media landscape analysis to understand what elite health insurance reporters were covering and what would grab their attention in custom pitch angles. Bind has a unique story that deserves national coverage, but the challenge was making it believable and getting the elite media to pay attention. Therefore, we leveraged Bind’s highest-profile investors, including UnitedHealthcare and Ascension Ventures, to add brand power to the press release distributed via embargoed pitches and eventually to the public over the Business Wire.

The results

Inprela secured interest from CNBC, Bloomberg and Becker’s Hospital Review, among many others, in less than 4 weeks following the press release, tallying over 150,000 impressions. Within the following four months, we garnered over 460M impressions, including an AP article that generated 245 qualified leads. We also used LinkedIn Sponsored Content to put the PR placements in front of HR leaders and to target employees during open enrollment and encourage them to enroll in Bind over alternatives. Overall, the PR program kickstarted Bind’s growth from startup to an established corporation.

Case Study Testimonials

  • Thanks for making us relevant, interesting and novel! We look forward to all of our future stories with you. Take a bow!

    Tony Miller

    CEO at Bind

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    Lead Generation

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