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Disrupt the market.
Change the conversation.
Step into the spotlight.

Storytelling and content strategy, driving a fresh approach to public relations.

Healthcare and manufacturing leaders trust us to deliver value.

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Client Work
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You really get us. Your work showed strategic thinking, deep understanding of the landscape and the utmost professionalism, not to mention great agility. Inprela is a tenacious partner that will always come up with creative ways to tell our story.

Venture-backed digital health company

Straightforward and trustworthy. Inprela takes a no-nonsense approach, using solid research outputs and previous experience to solve communications challenges.

John Ashodian

Segment Marketing Manager, SICK John Ashodian

Working with Inprela has been extremely fruitful. Not only have the strategies and execution been flawless and successful, they have become a true extension of our team.

Yvonne Leonard

Senior Director Marketing, WuXi AppTec Yvonne Leonard

I’ve learned a lot from just watching how Inprela works, and I wouldn’t be where I am today from a professional standpoint without them.

Shawn Sinnie

Marketing Manager, Titus Shawn Sinnie
Brainstorming at Inprela

A voracious hunger for excellence.

If you want an agency that’ll make you think differently and push you towards better, we’re the partner for you.

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Build differentiation, credibility, influence and fascination.

Inprela Expertise - Content & strategy planning

Content & strategy planning

Inprela Expertise - Thought leadership strategy

Thought leadership strategy

Inprela Expertise - Influencer engagement

Influencer engagement

Inprela Expertise - Earned & owned media

Earned & owned media

Inprela Expertise - Media relations

Media relations

Inprela Expertise - Message & content development

Message & content development

Inprela Expertise - Lead generation

Lead generation

Inprela Expertise - Measurement


Inprela Expertise - Event awareness activation

Event awareness activation

Inprela Expertise - Speaking and award opportunities

Speaking and award opportunities

Inprela Expertise - Persona development

Persona development

Inprela Expertise - Email marketing

Email marketing

Inprela Expertise - Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

Inprela Expertise - Content amplification

Content amplification

Inprela Expertise - Research


Inprela Expertise - Issues management

Issues management

Taking notes

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