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How your sales team should be leveraging PR

Your marketing team is developing strong content to drive awareness and, in some cases, to generate leads. Compelling case studies. Endorsements from credible trade publications. Educational webinars. The list goes on. All too often, sales reps don’t understand how marketing assets can help them in the selling process or, worse yet, they don’t even know … Continued

The B2B guide to what’s trending in 2016

Trend stories are popular at the start of any New Year. It’s a time to pause and consider what potential impact new technologies and developments will have on the world, people and businesses. These stories can also prove to be crucial in keeping pace with industry advancements that, if ignored, can leave you feeling left … Continued

The benefits of an annual PR budget

With planning season in full-swing, you will soon be submitting your public relations budget for 2016. It might be easy to base the budget off the most tangible or obvious PR needs anticipated in the new year, such as a product launch or tradeshow support. But to fully utilize PR support, consider the benefits of having an … Continued

Good vs. great: How does your PR program stack up?

Our clients often ask us how their programs compare to other clients. They are looking for a performance review on what they are doing well, and what they could improve upon. I love this question as it shows our clients are truly passionate about the work we’re doing together. At the same time, we struggle … Continued

Digital and PR: When Two Become One

Time spent online exceeds time spent with all other media, including TV. With the high usage of social media, smart phones and tablets, as well as the need for instant information, marketing teams are under increasing pressure to make sure everything is digitally-connected and mobile-enabled.  Digital was once a separate and siloed strategy from PR. … Continued

The upside to journalist turnover

The relationship question used to rule the PR agency RFP process, especially when a company was deciding between two equally-qualified firms: How many journalists do you have solid relationships with? The more names you could drop from your Rolodex, the better chance you had of earning the business. Even 5 years ago, agencies like Inprela … Continued

6 trends in B2B marketing in 2015

Every year I try to attend the Business Marketing Association national conference for business-to-business (B2B) marketers in Chicago. I find it energizing as the two days are packed full of useful content to bring back to our manufacturing clients. This year was no different. Here are the top 6 themes that stood out during the … Continued

Please don’t let me be misunderstood

As a mom and a PR practitioner, it seems I have taken on two roles that have been listed among the most under-appreciated professions. Not because we are not valued, but rather our work is often unseen. We run like well-oiled machines, and it’s not until that machine breaks down are we noticed. Although, in … Continued

Leveraging PR in today’s connected B2B world

Driven by the explosion of digital channels, there has been a big shift in business-to-business marketing communications. Channels, tactics and best practices are being redefined, including public relations. In light of these changes, here are a few tips to help you leverage all that PR has to offer. Think beyond the press release At its … Continued