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Lost at Sea: 3 Reasons Why You Need a Content Marketing Calendar

It’s 2017. Do you know where your content is? For companies with numerous products, technologies, and services across various sectors, it can be hard to keep track of every last press release, blog post, brochure, or whitepaper. Throw in the gridlock that can stem from trying to orchestrate the multiple layers of developing, posting, and … Continued

How your brand can avoid social media #fails

For most marketing, PR and communication pros, social media is a blessing. Engaging LinkedIn content, viral videos, and smart campaigns can greatly elevate a brand’s cachet. But the medium can curse those who aren’t careful. After all, it only takes one bad post to crush a brand’s carefully cultivated goodwill. To avoid being the next … Continued

2017 B2B PR best practices

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is already underway. Expectations are high that your marketing program will deliver an impactful ROI to your organization. To get your program off and running this year, here are three best practices to help drive business growth:   Bulldoze silos once and for all Integration efforts between PR and … Continued

So your company is on social media. Now what?

B2B companies continue to invest more time and money into social media. According to Webbiquity, B2B spending on social media marketing will more than double in the next five years. Some companies are tightly focused on one or two platforms while others operate on several spaces. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or all of the … Continued

Survey says: Industry reports generate thought leadership

One goal every client we work with has is to become a thought leader. Why? Because not only do bold, innovative companies that stake authoritative positions on an industry’s past, present and future garner greater media attention, but there’s a sense of prestige that accompanies their brands (think Apple or Netflix). Using PR to establish … Continued

Driving business growth earns national recognition

Business Marketing Association Recognizes Inprela with Two 2016 B2 Awards MINNEAPOLIS — May 11, 2016 — Inprela has been awarded two 2016 B2 Awards by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) for its work with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing (SDM), a global leader in 3D printing. The firm took home top honors in both categories it entered: Service … Continued

In times of crisis

Lying to the media. Shirking responsibility. Cover-ups. Volkswagen (VW) provided a blueprint on how not to respond to a scandal, after the company was caught using software to defeat Environmental Protection Agency emissions tests last year. The company took a pounding, with its CEO resigning and stock price tanking more than 50 percent. While it’s … Continued

The B2B guide to what’s trending in 2016

Trend stories are popular at the start of any New Year. It’s a time to pause and consider what potential impact new technologies and developments will have on the world, people and businesses. These stories can also prove to be crucial in keeping pace with industry advancements that, if ignored, can leave you feeling left … Continued

Rebirth: The press release in the digital age

With digital PR, social media and PR/advertising blends being the talk of the industry, it may seem like one of PR’s oldest friends, the press release, has been left for dead. I disagree. Just like newspapers have had to embrace digital, so have press releases and other PR tactics. In this case, change isn’t necessarily … Continued