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Making PR a top lead generator

Inprela made PR a top business driver for Stratasys Direct Manufacturing (SDM) in 2015. Here’s how we did it.

Program objectives were to increase awareness of the company and drive customer engagement to support sales. Inprela’s strategy was for SDM to self-publish the results of a commissioned survey of current and future users of 3D printing for manufacturing, leveraging the findings to generate press coverage and leads and establish thought leadership.

A blind survey of 700 current and prospective customers about their use of 3D printing services anchored the plan. The empirical, statistically relevant survey results were revealed in a 25-page industry report, “3D Printing’s Imminent Impact on Manufacturing,” at a well-attended media summit in Austin, TX. The 6-hour, invite-only media event included facility tours for editors, a formal presentation of research findings and one-on-one interviews for editors with SDM executives.

Program success was measured by evaluating the total number of leads generated from the industry report compared to all other lead-gen activities in 2015, and securing a higher number of press placements in 2015 compared to the same time period the year prior.

Program objectives were convincingly met. The industry report generated the second-most leads for SDM in 2015, producing 1,322 new leads from 1,886 total downloads in four months. To date, 26 leads have converted to sales. Inprela’s support of SDM business growth earned the agency two Global B2 Awards from the Business Marketing Association (BMA).

SDM said Inprela’s program delivered value beyond the press exposure and leads generated. Top company executives referenced the report several times during a November 2015 earnings call, and the company will leverage research insights to direct future business growth strategies.

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