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Minnesota’s beacon of healthcare innovation beams at MANOVA Summit

Photo credit: @HealthFair11 One bright spot in this week’s rainy, dreary Minneapolis weather was the inaugural MANOVA Summit, a global conference on the future of health from Minnesota’s Medical Alley that assembled thought leaders from all corners of the state, nation and globe to discuss emerging trends, processes, policies and theories that will help shape … Continued

3 traits necessary for successful multiple-agency integration

Strap on your seatbelts, folks, the wild ride that is marketing planning season is underway. An important step in the annual planning process is determining what additional capabilities your marketing team needs in order to deploy strategies aligned with the business objectives planned for the year ahead. Clearly each company has unique outside marketing support … Continued

5 ways “fake news” impacts healthcare media

The proliferation of the term “fake news” over the last year has catapulted the entire journalism profession into the spotlight…and into defense mode. According to a new report, A Real Plague: Fake News, 82 percent of Americans are concerned about the impact “fake news” might have on the credibility of information they get from the … Continued

Redefining B2B Healthcare KOL Engagement

For B2B healthcare companies that specialize in mission critical areas like patient care and safety, establishing a key opinion leader (KOL) program is an absolute must. Why? Because industry experts are frequently looked to for independent collaboration on critical technology needs, research and innovation feedback to advance our healthcare system. With that, their thought leadership … Continued

How your sales team should be leveraging PR

Your marketing team is developing strong content to drive awareness and, in some cases, to generate leads. Compelling case studies. Endorsements from credible trade publications. Educational webinars. The list goes on. All too often, sales reps don’t understand how marketing assets can help them in the selling process or, worse yet, they don’t even know … Continued

6 healthcare leaders to follow in 2016

PR practitioners are used to continuously monitoring industry conversations to unearth emerging voices and validate others. You don’t have to be meticulous about it, but routinely filtering your social lists is a good practice for everyone. This practice not only helps you stay informed, but limits noise that may distract you from accessing truly valuable … Continued

What I’ve learned working in healthcare PR

Years ago, as I was entering the public relations agency ranks, I thought healthcare looked like a fun specialty to explore. I already had a general interest in health and wellness – having essentially competed in competitive sports since birth and having actually enjoyed science-based course work in school – which I thought would translate … Continued