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Think smarter about your placements: Manufacturing news outlets with high domain authority

SEO, PR and content marketing have an important objective in common: get the right content in front of the right audience. That’s three marketing categories with one objective, so don’t waste time and budget thinking about them in separate strategic buckets – make the process more efficient.  Take a more thoughtful, deliberate and strategic approach upfront in the planning process.

You can increase your own SEO by focusing your public relations and content marketing efforts on high domain authority trade publications. Prioritize your outreach. It isn’t about the volume of placements. Not all backlinks and brand mentions will improve search rankings. Focus outreach on the news outlets in your industry with the highest domain authority. In a high domain authority publication, one earned media placement pays off in SEO, making your content work twice as hard for less time and budget.

To that end, we put together a list of the manufacturing trade publications with the highest Moz Domain Authority. Getting your company’s name mentioned in one of these publications can help boost your visibility to key buyers.

1) 73

If your goal is to reach engineers, there is no better place to look than With the highest SEO score of 73, stories show up high in search results. Which is ideal because engineers are consuming 24 percent more content than in 2018, and engineers with purchasing power consume over 12 hours of content a week

2) Industry Week: 70

Manufacturing business leaders turn to Industry Week to get the latest information on strategies and trends in manufacturing. Its audience is 36 percent executives and 25 percent operations managers, so its content has a heavy focus on workforce trends and business operations. The outlet’s largest industry focus is in primary/fabricated metals.

3) R&D Magazine: 69

R&D Magazine is written for scientists, chemists, engineers and administrators engaged in applied research and development. R&D features the latest technology, products and equipment used in laboratory research. If your company has a laboratory component, R&D is the place to go to feature latest trends and advancements. The publication accepts both contributed articles and product announcements, so you can highlight different types of content.

4) Machine Design: 66

Machine Design focuses on the design engineering of manufactured products across an entire spectrum of industries, with a particular interest in technical and management information in design and development. Its audience is largely engineers, so keep in mind the best ways to reach them. It has a large focus on materials and 3D printing.

5) 67 is designed for today’s busy manufacturing executives. It features daily updates covering the latest news from around the globe on key topics for manufacturers, including regulations, industrial trends, plant openings and closings and supply chain updates. is a great place to pitch executive thought leadership.

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