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3 Key marketing principles GE, Siemens and IBM have in common

Becoming an industry leader is not only the result of innovations in research and development, and sustainable sales growth, but also of building and maintaining a strong brand and customer loyalty through the ups and, more so, the downs. Besides being three of the largest conglomerate companies in the world, GE, Siemens and IBM continue … Continued

Move over consumer brands, B2B marketers are coming to SXSW

South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of the most hyped events in the marketing world. The concerts, sponsored events and industry celebrity-studded panels can feel like a social media fever dream with countless opportunities for brands to create clickbait-y content, but what is in it for B2B brands? There are more sessions that are applicable … Continued

New survey reveals how engineers consume content

Successful PR isn’t just about quality content. It is making sure your content reaches and resonates with your audience. Most of our manufacturing clients are trying to reach engineers and for many years, print media was the best avenue to do so. But as younger engineers enter the workplace, trade publication readership is on the … Continued

Patient stories are everything – even in B2B healthcare PR

In B2B healthcare PR, a patient story can make your dream press placement a reality, dramatically increase your brand awareness and grow sales. Yet, patient stories can be difficult to come by. In our niche B2B healthcare work at Inprela, access to patient impact stories is a rarity because companies don’t have direct access to … Continued