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6 healthcare leaders to follow in 2016

PR practitioners are used to continuously monitoring industry conversations to unearth emerging voices and validate others. You don’t have to be meticulous about it, but routinely filtering your social lists is a good practice for everyone. This practice not only helps you stay informed, but limits noise that may distract you from accessing truly valuable content on your favorite social channels.

There’s no better time to sift through your social contacts and update the influencers you follow than at the turn of the calendar. So, if you’re looking for fresh perspectives, best practices and unique inspiration related to today’s hottest healthcare topics, make sure these folks are on your radar.

  • @SusannahFox – After more than a decade at the Pew Research Center, Susannah Fox took over the chief technology officer position at the US Department of Health and Human Services in 2015. She continues to focus on helping people navigate the intersection of health and technology.
  • @PTurnerMD – Patricia L. Turner, MD, FACS, is a clinical associate professor of surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine, an adjunct associate professor of surgery at Northwestern University and the director of the Division of Member Services at the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Turner speaks, publishes and posts about surgery innovation, surgical quality improvement and medical education for the next generation of surgical leaders.
  • @GarySchwitzer – As a former medical news correspondent for CNN, Gary Schwitzer now leads a team that evaluates the accuracy of daily health news reporting by major US news organizations as the publisher of The “Health News Watchdog” blogger is also an adjunct associate professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.
  • @AmberHMitchell – Amber (Hogan) Mitchell, DrPH, MPH, CPH, is the president and executive director of the International Safety Center, driving bloodborne and infectious pathogen exposure data collection to enhance healthcare worker safety.
  • @LeeAase – Lee Aase is the director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media. He is a healthcare social media pioneer and advocates for social media adoption and innovation among all healthcare stakeholders.
  • @ePatientDave – Everyone’s favorite “e-patient,” Dave deBronkart became an internationally known speaker, blogger and author, advocating for patient engagement after beating stage IV kidney cancer in 2007.

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