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Case Study

Elevating the business value of 3D printing among the C-suite

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

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Decision makers didn’t understand the business value of 3D printing

Engineers have used 3D printing for prototyping since the early nineties, but business leaders didn’t take it seriously as a process for production manufacturing until recently. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing wanted to convince business leaders of 3D printing’s place in manufacturing. They turned to Inprela to develop compelling content that would build the business case to capture the attention of decision makers and generate demand.

Research in the form of thought leadership

We commissioned third-party research to survey manufacturers about the business value of 3D printing. We packaged the original findings in a report, “Trend Forecast: 3D Printing’s Imminent Impact on Manufacturing”, and exclusively released it to members of the press at an invite-only media summit.

Media relations-driven content marketing

Inprela secured 73 press mentions and over 200 social mentions, generating more than 7.25 million impressions. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing built an entire integrated campaign around the pillar piece of content, including a series of owned blog posts and emails, paid display ads, content syndication and social amplification and additional earned media articles – all with the call to action to download the full report. The report was the second highest lead-generating marketing activity that year, generating 1,322 new leads and, out of those, 26 closed/won sales.

Case Study Testimonials

  • I need an agency that’s not going to sit on the sidelines and wait for direction, but be proactive and push us in the right direction. Inprela is proactive and that is unique.

    Melissa Hanson

    Director of Marketing Operations & Brand

Services Provided

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    Content and Strategy Planning

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    Lead Generation

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    Media Relations

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    Message and Content Development

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Elevating the business value of 3D printing among the C-suite

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