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Case Study

Strategic content delivering ROI by meeting audiences where they are

Concord USA case study

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Brand awareness and demand creation around an unknown problem

Composable architecture is a software development design approach that promises to optimize, amplify, and personalize the end-customer experience (CX). Concord USA, an IT consulting firm, turned to Inprela to help build awareness and create demand around its composable architecture consulting practice. While the company had created compelling service messaging, it didn’t have the internal bandwidth to identify the angles that would resonate with its target audience, map out the content types for each stage of the buyer’s journey, or create the volume of content needed to break through the noise. The content also needed to be optimized for SEO and drive prospects through the funnel.

Meeting target audiences where they’re at with educational content

After conducting industry research, auditing Concord’s existing messaging, and executing a competitive landscape analysis, we realized that Concord’s buyers didn’t even realize they had a problem that composable architecture could solve. They needed to understand the severity and complexity of the problem before selecting a solution. We recommended a series of foundational content to educate the target audience throughout their composable architecture maturity journey. The content would help customers identify their problem and highlight composable architecture’s value proposition. It would also outline best practices for implementation and provide strategies to manage and optimize once installed. The content was also created to be repurposed across multiple channels and visual storytelling formats to increase its ROI.

Maximizing the return on content marketing

With a quick-turn timeline and limited budget, we had to make our subject matter expert (SME) interviews count. We conducted one SME interview and worked with Concord’s in-house graphic design team to develop branded blog posts, video clips, and social posts to amplify content across various platforms. Our collaboration and multichannel execution helped Concord establish its solution as a market leader. A single in-depth interview spawned three +1,200-word blog posts and two videos—all of which were optimized for SEO and user experience. That content was then repurposed into 10 unique social media assets, including four quote cards, three carousels, and two long-form posts. In total, we delivered 15 pieces of high-quality content designed to resonate with specific audiences and generate marketing-qualified leads.

Case Study Testimonials

  • Inprela has been an invaluable partner for us at Concord USA. Their expertise in storytelling and PR is unmatched, and they consistently deliver clear messaging that truly connects with our audience. They've helped us turn complex topics into compelling content that motivates our prospects to act. Working with Inprela feels like having an extension of our own team, and we're grateful for their insight and commitment to results.

    Natalie Sheffield

    Chief Marketing Officer, Concord USA

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    Lead Generation

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    Message and Content Development

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