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5 things you need to know about Inprela

You have high expectations. So do we.

Everyone wants to work with people they like. Just like you, we are picky when taking on new clients. We go to great lengths to find and retain exceptional talent, and we’re cautious not to jeopardize employee relationships. Our people must be able to provide value. If we have gaps in our ability to meet your needs, we won’t hesitate to point them out. We also don’t pretend to have all the answers when troubleshooting challenges, and we feed off of a variety of perspectives. We require collaboration and a willingness to take calculated risks, like expanding traditional programs into the digital PR realm. And while we take our work seriously, we like to have some fun along the way.


You must own your PR program. We will help drive it – and you – forward.

Internal ownership is a must, even if you require outside help with strategy development, execution and measurement. We share that ownership by driving the program forward. We are focused, persistent and proactive in our approach. We hold you equally accountable to meeting program objectives, deadlines and budgets.


Don’t expect to be handcuffed by contracts or retainers.

We believe strong partnerships are built by delivering value and setting the right expectations upfront. We are stewards of our clients’ budgets and expect to earn your business every day. Contracts and retainers are the antithesis of this ideology. They breed complacency. We have high expectations of our clients and you should expect the same from us.


Expect straight talk, tough love and candor.

You need to be realistic about what a well-crafted public relations program can accomplish. We help set those expectations. We aren’t shy about providing a strong perspective, even if it challenges traditional norms. Progress begins with understanding what’s feasible.


A dog and pony show we are not.

If you’re looking for an agency that relies solely on name dropping and a fat rolodex of media contacts, you’ve come to the wrong place. We won’t dazzle you with glitter and dancing animals (although, we do have an office dog). We’re a team of people who gain our confidence from knowledge and use that to inform our recommendations and work. We’re proud of our high attention to detail, smart thinking and ability to sell news stories. We are straight shooters chalk full of curiosity and passion.


The best relationships between clients and their public relations firm are built on trust and mutual respect. The two are fundamental in pushing marketing programs and results to their fullest potential. Having a strong understanding of these business values and philosophies will enable partnering companies to focus on the core of what they do best.

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