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Video may have killed the radio star. Is text dead too?

Video content marketing has been deemed a must-do for B2B brands. However, tight budgets and compressed schedules can be hurdles to production. Are you doomed if you’re not producing viral videos to promote your product or service? Absolutely not. Video will win an audience better than a 25-page thesis paper, no doubt. But, text is … Continued

Please don’t let me be misunderstood

As a mom and a PR practitioner, it seems I have taken on two roles that have been listed among the most under-appreciated professions. Not because we are not valued, but rather our work is often unseen. We run like well-oiled machines, and it’s not until that machine breaks down are we noticed. Although, in … Continued

Leveraging PR in today’s connected B2B world

Driven by the explosion of digital channels, there has been a big shift in business-to-business marketing communications. Channels, tactics and best practices are being redefined, including public relations. In light of these changes, here are a few tips to help you leverage all that PR has to offer. Think beyond the press release At its … Continued