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  • Person thoughtfully working on laptop

    4 hot takes on generative AI tools

    If your boss hasn’t asked you about ChatGPT, brace for it, because that day is coming. AI, or artificial intelligence, has been permeating our lives for over a decade now. Kids are growing up learning how to just ask Alexa for an answer instead of going to Google, or, god forbid, the Dewey Decimal System. … Continued

  • 5 healthcare marketing trends to watch for in 2023

    After the pandemic disruptions of 2020 and a record amount of healthcare transactions in 2021, healthcare marketers are gathering their collective breaths—and preparing for the future. What happens in 2023 could shape healthcare marketing for years to come. Curious about what the future holds? I asked two of our in-house healthcare marketing experts, Sara Payne, … Continued