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Patient stories are everything – even in B2B healthcare PR

In B2B healthcare PR, a patient story can make your dream press placement a reality, dramatically increase your brand awareness and grow sales. Yet, patient stories can be difficult to come by. In our niche B2B healthcare work at Inprela, access to patient impact stories is a rarity because companies don’t have direct access to … Continued

Inbound marketing strategy: 5 essentials for 2018

Inbound marketing – touted as the holy grail of B2B lead generation. There are countless articles and reports claiming its value in B2B and yet there are many companies still pouring budgets into fragmented outbound channels like print advertising and contact lists instead of inbound marketing. Whether the challenge is budget constraints, lack of internal knowledge, … Continued

Top KPIs for evaluating B2B PR effectiveness

The heart of the 2018 planning season is upon us. It’s easy to dread planning – being trapped in conference rooms or “offsite retreats” (if you’re lucky) for hours on end. But we hope you also embrace it as a time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t this past year – a time … Continued

3 traits necessary for successful multiple-agency integration

Strap on your seatbelts, folks, the wild ride that is marketing planning season is underway. An important step in the annual planning process is determining what additional capabilities your marketing team needs in order to deploy strategies aligned with the business objectives planned for the year ahead. Clearly each company has unique outside marketing support … Continued

2017 B2B PR best practices

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is already underway. Expectations are high that your marketing program will deliver an impactful ROI to your organization. To get your program off and running this year, here are three best practices to help drive business growth:   Bulldoze silos once and for all Integration efforts between PR and … Continued

Powerful manufacturing websites: An insider’s view

Most manufacturing websites have looked the same since the dawn of the internet. Typically, they are glorified brochures focused on products, industries and applications, written from an internally-focused perspective that packs in too much content. Very few take into consideration industry or audience needs before jumping into product features and benefits. Even fewer provide a … Continued

Politically incorrect: What B2B brands should learn from the 2016 election

If B2B brands can learn anything from the rancorous 2016 Presidential campaign, it’s this: authenticity reigns – even if politically incorrect. In the late hours of election night, with many states still “too-close-to-call”, American voters were interviewed by broadcast journalists on live TV. An NBC correspondent asked one female Trump supporter why she voted for … Continued

So your company is on social media. Now what?

B2B companies continue to invest more time and money into social media. According to Webbiquity, B2B spending on social media marketing will more than double in the next five years. Some companies are tightly focused on one or two platforms while others operate on several spaces. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or all of the … Continued