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Typically we are so focused on getting our clients recognized that we forget to have our moment in the limelight. But every so often, we do turn the tables and take the opportunity to puff out our chests and boast about ourselves a bit, in the most humble way possible, of course. Most recently, the Star Tribune and MinnesotaBusiness Magazine, interviewed our fearless leader, Stephani Simon, about her vision for “workplace utopia” and why Inprela exclusively serves B2B companies in manufacturing and health care sectors, and no, it’s not because of all the glitz and glamour that comes along with it (wink, wink). Check them out:

Minnesota Business Magazine (July 22, 2014): “Why Inprela Communications CEO Stephani Simon emphasizes value to customer over focus on brand

Star Tribune (April 6, 2014): “Specialization, senior talent drive Minneapolis public relations firm’s growth

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