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Digitizing manufacturing must go beyond the production floor

Take a look at your company’s production floor. It’s pretty sweet, right? You might have the latest software and robotics, an effective IoT strategy, you might even be implementing additive manufacturing to shorten the supply chain. Your production floor is something to be proud of. It’s what powers your company and makes you one of … Continued

Top KPIs for evaluating B2B PR effectiveness

The heart of the 2018 planning season is upon us. It’s easy to dread planning – being trapped in conference rooms or “offsite retreats” (if you’re lucky) for hours on end. But we hope you also embrace it as a time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t this past year – a time … Continued

The one question that will change your PR program for good

Make your 2018 PR program your best yet   B2B marketers everywhere are developing 2018 marketing and PR plans. Clients are asking us to evaluate what worked and didn’t this year, to scan the competitive landscape to capitalize on weaknesses and to help them prepare to leverage their companies’ most anticipated events in 2018. The … Continued

3 traits necessary for successful multiple-agency integration

Strap on your seatbelts, folks, the wild ride that is marketing planning season is underway. An important step in the annual planning process is determining what additional capabilities your marketing team needs in order to deploy strategies aligned with the business objectives planned for the year ahead. Clearly each company has unique outside marketing support … Continued

4 B2B marketing trend reports to read before 2018 planning

As you’re putting together your 2018 marketing plan, there’s nothing like including some strong proof points pulled from third-party research & trend reports to build a case for a new strategy or organizational change, especially when it involves asking for more budget. Hard-hitting stats show you’ve done your homework and your decision is backed by … Continued