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Elevate your healthcare marketing content

Many brands fancy themselves content marketers with inbound lead generation and nurture strategies. There’s a proliferation of content developed with intent to move customers through the decision journey, from awareness to purchase. Some do this better than others. One healthcare brand that has shown a particular knack for strong content and nurture marketing is Cardinal … Continued

Politically incorrect: What B2B brands should learn from the 2016 election

If B2B brands can learn anything from the rancorous 2016 Presidential campaign, it’s this: authenticity reigns – even if politically incorrect. In the late hours of election night, with many states still “too-close-to-call”, American voters were interviewed by broadcast journalists on live TV. An NBC correspondent asked one female Trump supporter why she voted for … Continued

How VOC enhances B2B marketing effectiveness

Most healthcare and manufacturing companies believe they know their customers pretty well, so they don’t often reach out directly to them and ask about their expectations, preferences and aversions. That’s a mistake. B2B brands who fail to use voice of customer (VOC) research and insights to guide marketing strategy, spend priorities, and message/content strategy are … Continued

Making PR a top lead generator

Inprela made PR a top business driver for Stratasys Direct Manufacturing (SDM) in 2015. Here’s how we did it. Program objectives were to increase awareness of the company and drive customer engagement to support sales. Inprela’s strategy was for SDM to self-publish the results of a commissioned survey of current and future users of 3D … Continued

4 rules for B2B thought leadership success

It seems every B2B company’s marketing goal is to be a thought leader. To be recognized as a thought leader, you need to do more than hire a PR firm. Being a thought leader is about harnessing your company’s expertise to provide increased value to customers. Done well, thought leadership can be monetized.  But, not everyone … Continued

The hidden power of LinkedIn for B2B healthcare marketing

Healthcare companies selling to a B2B audience should include LinkedIn as a key channel in their PR program for demand generation. It can help shorten a long sales cycle and enhance the ROI of your PR investment. It’s proven to be the best social platform for garnering conversions. LinkedIn drives greater than 60 percent more … Continued

Code blue: Signs your healthcare messaging needs resuscitation

Most of us recognize really good and really bad B2B healthcare messaging when we see it. As with a lot of things, it’s usually easier to diagnose than it is to cure. Especially when it’s your own messaging. Based on our experience helping companies refine and perfect their messaging, here’s our take on some of … Continued

The upside to journalist turnover

The relationship question used to rule the PR agency RFP process, especially when a company was deciding between two equally-qualified firms: How many journalists do you have solid relationships with? The more names you could drop from your Rolodex, the better chance you had of earning the business. Even 5 years ago, agencies like Inprela … Continued

Leveraging PR in today’s connected B2B world

Driven by the explosion of digital channels, there has been a big shift in business-to-business marketing communications. Channels, tactics and best practices are being redefined, including public relations. In light of these changes, here are a few tips to help you leverage all that PR has to offer. Think beyond the press release At its … Continued