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Rebirth: The press release in the digital age

With digital PR, social media and PR/advertising blends being the talk of the industry, it may seem like one of PR’s oldest friends, the press release, has been left for dead. I disagree. Just like newspapers have had to embrace digital, so have press releases and other PR tactics. In this case, change isn’t necessarily … Continued

Tips for tailoring key messages to your audience

One of my favorite yoga postures to practice and teach is Parivrtta Utkatasana (pictured above), a dynamic posture accessible to most people, yet still very challenging. The way I incorporate this posture into my classes varies slightly based on the skill level and knowledge of the practitioners in the room. Although it yields the same … Continued

Back to school: Writing compelling case studies

Ah, case studies. In your PR arsenal, they can be a perfect middle ground between press releases and whitepapers, offering a mix of high-level information and meatier detail as well as a balance between “PR speak” and technical jargon. Most importantly, they tangibly demonstrate the impact and value of your business to potential customers. The … Continued