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  • Influencer talking to camera

    3 keys to a successful influencer relations program

    Remember the days of splashy influencer programs gracing every consumer marketing publication? Intriguing, but felt just out of reach for those of us who didn’t work for a huge consumer brand or have endless resources. While the buzz has dimmed in ways, the potential for results has not. And the prospect of a successful go … Continued

  • Reaching engineers in 2019: Content and promotion stats

    Delivering the right piece of content to the right audience at the right time is a major win when deploying your content strategy. And a key part of that is knowing how and where your audience(s) consumes content. If that audience is engineers, you’re about to hit a goldmine. “How engineers find information,” is’s … Continued

  • Run your content operations like a publisher for 5x the revenue

    According to Kapost, marketing organizations that have invested in best-in-class content operations enjoy 5x greater revenue contribution than laggers. If carefully planned and efficiently produced, your marketing content should win the popularity award at your company. However, simply populating a content calendar and spreading the good word won’t lead to a fully functioning content operation. … Continued

  • Digitizing manufacturing must go beyond the production floor

    Take a look at your company’s production floor. It’s pretty sweet, right? You might have the latest software and robotics, an effective IoT strategy, you might even be implementing additive manufacturing to shorten the supply chain. Your production floor is something to be proud of. It’s what powers your company and makes you one of … Continued