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Our manufacturing clients are progressive and embrace change. They care about sustainability and are continuously advancing technology to create a better world.

The manufacturer's guide to driving more business impact in B2B marketing

The only way to derive more meaningful PR metrics is to get PR out of its silo in earned media. In this e-book, you'll learn what's standing in the way of integrating PR and making it more measurable, and how to overcome those challenges to maximize the impact of PR and build enduring brand trust.

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Expectations are higher than ever.

Executives are demanding better, more tangible results from marketing. But resources to get the job done remain the same and your company doesn’t have the infrastructure necessary for success. You need a pragmatic approach.

Inprela can help

Take marketing to the next level.

Make your PR program work harder. Deploy targeted techniques. Integrate marketing efforts. Align with sales. Increase thought leadership. Garner greater awareness and engagement. Drive high-quality sales leads.

"Manufacturing brands unintentionally hide their greatest value behind product specs and technical jargon. We'll make sure your customers don't have to hunt for the benefit of your offering. The last thing you need is your marketing to be working against you."

Stephani Simon, Inprela President and Manufacturing Practice Leader

Manufacturing Client Successes

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Inprela made PR a top business driver for the 3D printing service bureau, leveraging an original research report as part of a lead-gen content marketing program.

ClimaCool Logo

Develop focused chiller line awareness campaign that became top driver for company’s rep locator.

Titus Logo

Expanded thought leadership and awareness in the healthcare and architectural markets with key audiences and decision makers.

HBFuller Logo

Deployed an end user content marketing program that showcased unique adhesive technology by detailing applications, not the adhesive itself.

3M Logo

Across 3M industries we have helped establish leadership, influence regulatory changes and introduced many innovative products to market.

Viega Logo

Drive awareness of unique technology offering with compelling storytelling deployed through earned media.

Daikin Logo

Created broad awareness of the company’s rebrand and developed stories that support the brand focus of advancing HVAC technologies. This includes introducing the first HVAC equipment that incorporates the Internet of Things, an especially advanced concept for this category.

Freemont Water Solutions Logo

Enhanced lead generation efforts through a content marketing strategy that places emphasis on the key points of differentiation, company focus and a strong, unique value proposition.

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Support lead capture for disruptive product through expanded digital presence and smart audience targeting.

What's it like to work with us?

We have a ton of information, but we never think it’s good enough. Never think it can be used for marketing purposes. They’ve helped educate us on how to translate our knowledge into marketing capital with our customers.
JC Campbell, Marketing Communications Director, Daikin Applied
It’s really hard to get excited about industrial adhesives -- until you have the right people who can understand how to tell the story in a way that makes it exciting for people. Inprela does a really great job…
Kimberlee Sinclair, Director, Global Communications, H.B. Fuller

Manufacturing is evolving.
Marketing needs to keep pace.

As manufacturers take a fresh approach to attract younger audiences, it’s creating new and unforeseen challenges. Social engagement and mobile marketing are changing customer expectations, forcing manufacturers to keep pace with consumer marketing strategies.

We're here to help