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We work with brilliant minds who are helping providers change the status quo in healthcare delivery. Better care for more patients at a lower cost. Inprela gets it.

A specialist outperforms a generalist every time.

We know the ins and outs of healthcare. We speak your language. Our tenured team has relationships with media who are influential with healthcare decision-makers. Let’s introduce your story to them.

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Together, let’s evolve yesterday’s navel-gazing stories of "innovation" into practical ideas for changing the business model of care delivery, surrounded by realism and candor.

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"The need states of health systems have changed and expectations are high. You may have the goods to deliver, but can you break through the clutter and capture the sale? Let’s go right to the decision-makers, test and refine your content until we capture interest and engagement that drives your business forward."

Sara Payne - Vice President and
Healthcare Practice Leader

What do our healthcare clients say about us?

Inprela knows how to work with emerging health care firms to help them break through the market, helping them get from the garage on to the street. They specialize in building a story that hasn’t been told before. They’re good at that… and it’s very difficult.
Lars Thording, VP of Marketing & Public Affairs, Intralign
They're passionate about what they do – they want to see the brand succeed and the message get out.
JD Spangler, Chief Commercial Officer, Vestagen Technical Textiles
They shifted my view of PR to that of a strategic partner.
Emily Hansen, Director of Marketing, Stryker

Healthcare Client Successes


Implemented aggressive communications strategy in response to increased competitive threats to market growth.


Successfully positioned as the change agent in attaining a smart, efficient orthopedic surgical episode.


Establish the company's supply chain offering as proven solution for improving hospital operating margins.


Establish company technology as best practice for confirming accurate nasogastric tube placement to enhance patient safety, bringing enhanced industry leadership position and credibility.


Differentiate Stryker's equipment maintenance and repair services as allowing hospitals to focus on patient care and maximize capital investments.


Medical device remanufacturing for reuse is an increasingly crowded and noisy category, but we elevated Stryker above this fray with powerful messaging and industry leadership.


Soft surfaces, like attire, can be vectors of infection transmission inside and outside hospitals, and we raised awareness of this reality while positioning Vestagen’s fabric technology as the best prevention solution.

Healthcare is a highly competitive market.
The companies that amplify their stories win.

We’ll make your offering stand out by giving hospital leaders helpful resources and provocative insights that ooze with your know-how. Your knowledge has the power to make connections and turn them into revenue.

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